Saturn in Pisces (March 2023 – May 2025)

While Saturn is in Pisces (March 7, 2023 – May 24, 2025) it will bring restriction, obligation, discipline, structure and law to all things Pisces. Pisces is a water sign and rules all things related to water; oceans, shipping, fishing and fishies. It rules liquids and gases; oil, gas, chemical and even alcoholic beverages.  It rules the unconscious, boundaries or lack of them. It rules imagination, film, storytelling, fiction and fantasies. Finally, it rules helping professions; therapists, those jobs in jails and jobs in hospitals.  Saturn is a karmic planet, and it also brings things to a head… giving rewards or restrictions depending on the actions taken leading up to its visit.  For that reason, the transit of Saturn in Pisces should be set against the backdrop of what has been happening in the lead-up.

A major lead-up has been the Saturn/Uranus square while Saturn was in Aquarius, putting pressure on independent, unconventional or rebellious thoughts and actions. It restricted disruptions, non-conformity and opinions outside of mainstream thought. It did so through Aquarius-ruled mediums like the Internet and media. Uranus was in (and is still in Taurus) adding to the tension upsets in all areas of safety and security; food and food supplies, money, securities and banking. Some gladly participated in Saturn’s restrictions as a trade-off for security. Others rebelled and pushed for freedom. If you were team Uranus/Aquarius… you held on to libertarian ideas. If you were team Saturn/Taurus… you went for security and rules. As Saturn moves into Pisces, the sign of duality (the two fishes), we can expect the divide that was created to go deeper.

In the fight for security and rules, Saturn in Pisces rules quarantine zones, drugs, drug use, pharmacology, doctors, nurse and surgeons. We may see structures created around these Piscean things to help further the ideas of security and safety. We may also see the fallout of lockdowns… burnout and shortfalls in the helper professions, or a karmic coming-to-a-head situation in the drug and opioid crisis.

In the fight for freedom, those on the libertarian side of things were accused of being conspiracy theorists… the constitution, common law, and natural law all came up. One interesting claim is that we are in fact we are ruled by maritime/admiral law supported by the claim that “birth Certificates” are slave instruments and we are “berths” of a ship.  An interesting theory, and yes, out of curiosity I did go and check out what I was worth on the stock market. I found nothing. Others have claimed they found their “berth stock” and were worth thousands. Well, Pisces rules all things maritime (including maritime law)… incidentally, it also rules conspiracies, secret societies and all things hidden. Pisces rules fantasy, imagination, magic, spiritual and alien lifeforms, and Saturn will bring a rather large drop of reality into to these areas, helping to separate the wheat from the shaft. Truths from fiction! There may be some disappointments on one hand and hard realities or confirmed truths (conspiracies) on the other. Just remember, the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction!

In the lead-up to this Saturn in Pisces transit, the economy was also affected. Industries such as shipping, and oil, began to suffer and as these industries are ruled by Pisces, Saturn will increase restrictions and ultimately change structures.

Saturn’s ruling planet during the Saturn in Pisces transit is Neptune…Neptune is in Pisces and will remain there for the duration. A constant theme will be real vs idealistic. By the end of the transit Saturn will catch up to Neptune and the two will integrate and finally conjunct at 0 degrees of Aries. It may be a bumpy path, but we should have a solid balance between the two energies by the end.

One good outcome of Saturn in Pisces is if we have done our work, Saturn can help to bring our dreams into reality!

Those experiencing their Saturn returns; born between 1964-1967 (turning 58 years) and 1993 – 1996 (turning 29 years) will experience Saturn strongly. Lessons will come in the areas of suffering, depression, loss, addictions, and areas of faith, They may experience challenges to boundaries and their sense of self. My advice is to meet your lessons head-on; therapy, rehab, or a spiritual pilgrimage may be just the right thing.

Use of the Narrative

A good way to consciously use the energy of Saturn in Pisces is to use it to create. Pisces is the sign of storytelling, role-playing, fiction, poetry, painting, film, movies and plays. It’s also a sign of dreams. For these to come into creation, they need structure. Saturn is Pisces will give us that structure. Put in the work and the structure and Saturn in Pisces can be a very productive time. Some things you can do:

In psychology, the narrative is a social constructionist theory. It separates you from your problems and says that we define our story and as such, we can also redefine it. What stories do you tell about yourself and about the world?

On an esoteric level, words are spells. The words we use and the way in which we put them together are creative. They create our reality.

This is good news, because, if we have dreams, all we need to do is create spells to unleash them into our world. This is behind the practice of intention setting, scenario writing and creating a narrative.

What stories do you tell about yourself?

Most of us have a collection of stories we tell to others about our life and experiences and who we are. Consciously or unconsciously we have chosen these stories because they explain our success and failures, gifts and shortcomings. When they explain our failures and shortcomings, they recreate them over and over and over. For example – I grew up poor is the story that someone might tell about why they cannot achieve in their life. I grew up poor is also a story that someone might tell to explain why they are so successful. They will often say “I told myself, I would rise up out of this). Their words created a narrative that they then fulfilled.

What stories do you tell about the world?

Often you will see world governments and elite organizations use this tool to create a narrative for the world in which they would like to see. Books like the “Great Reset” or military exercises, and white paper scenarios are all ways in which they are detailing a world and a narrative that they want to see.

Many of us freak out if this is not the world we want to see, but then spend inordinate amounts of time obsessing on these stories… and in so doing, we help them to create it! When we collectively do this, we collectively give away our power.

With Saturn in Pisces, now is the time to create a writing practice to change that narrative. You can also create art, poems, stories, movies etc. The idea is to start putting into detail the dreams, creations, and solutions you would like to see in your life and in our world.

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