Scorpio Lunar Eclipse – May 5, 2023

The May 5th lunar eclipse is at 15 degrees of Scorpio.

Lunar eclipses happen because they are close to one of the nodes which are formed by the moon crossing the ecliptic (the path of the Sun). In astrology, the nodes are karmic points, and during eclipses, karmic things tend to happen, seemly out of nowhere. Scorpio is a money planet; it rules shared resources, taxes, insurance money and other people’s money. It also rules secrets, things that are hidden, control and manipulation. Scorpio rules sex, the cycles of life (life and death), psychiatry, and psychology. It’s mystical, magical and occult. So, Scorpio isn’t exactly light. It deep. Deep in a positive or in a negative way. But deep!

The modern ruler of Scorpio is Pluto and the classical ruler is Mars. Any way you look at it, modern or classical, this is a tricky and explosive eclipse. This is because both rulers, Mars and Pluto are coming into opposition. By May 19th and 20th they will also be square to the nodes. At our last eclipse (also in Scorpio) we saw the FTX crypto exchange crash and disappear, and with it, a lot of other people’s money. And as Pluto transited at the last degree of Capricorn, large banks started to fail. This eclipse will likely bring similar news. We’ll also likely see difficulties in any sexual relationships where power plays may emerge. The lash-out might also be connected to stress around money. Finally, dark magic or occult issues may surface (Don’t forget, words are magic spells). You may want to keep your shungite, black tourmaline and your red jasper close by! Some sage might also be helpful. This will help you block whatever shade is coming your way.

If you want to know how the eclipse is affecting you personally, you can book some time with me!

The eclipse is opposite Uranus, the planet of surprise and Vesta the asteroid associated with work and commitment. Don’t be surprised if you decide to quit your job out of nowhere, or if your workplace experiences a mass exodus. Uranus and Vesta are in Taurus, so there is a large focus on money, increasing our worth, and creating stability. Don’t expect loyalty to a workplace if it doesn’t help to meet basic needs. Choices made at this time will reflect a commitment to ourselves and to increasing our worth and stability.

This lunar eclipse has a special relationship to Mercury, which has been travelling close to the Sun and has been triggering this eclipse over the last couple of weeks. This simply means that Mercury has been helping to build the plot line of this particular eclipse. On April 17th it opposed the eclipse point. On the 25th, it happened again. Mercury will go over the point again on May 31. This eclipse story is likely an epic rather than the usual novella.

The good news, thank God there is good news, is that the moon is conjunct Poseidon. Poseidon brings higher consciousness, truth, spiritual illumination and enlightenment. Although this all comes in the wake of some very difficult energy, we will feel good about it as it always feels good when we finally connected with the truth. If the dots haven’t connected or a piece of the story seemed to be missing, the dots and pieces will emerge and things will finally start to make sense!

The Sabian Symbol for the moon is “Children playing around five mounds of sand”. Children playing around sand mounds is bound to result in a half-buried child (head poking out), or attempts to dig tunnels and build sand castles. There may be biting ants in the sand, or sand flies. Five is the number related to change, creativity, and inventiveness, so this suggests that even though it may be a bit dangerous, playing and being lighthearted within the energy will bring solutions and strangely, some element of fun.

Happy Lunar Eclipse!