What’s with the Clan Mother name?

The planets are named after Roman and Greek gods. To me, this is a hangover of patriarchy and the rule of those empires. I chose the name Clan Mother to reflect a movement back towards balancing energies. Clan Mother’s were a council of grandmothers in the matriarchal¬† Haudenosaunee and Hopi nations. Their function in social and political matters ensured living in harmony with nature and protecting the welfare of the clan.

Around 2003, I became very interested in coaching and became certified as a coach. I then studied organizational psychology and wrote a thesis on managerial coaching in 2006, which I saw as a structure to allow feminine energies into the workplace. Coaching has allowed us to shift the work culture from the patriarchal structures of command and control to empowerment. This relies on listening, allowing, respecting, and the rising of feminine (not necessarily women) leaders.

While great strides have been made in bringing balance back into work, relationships, social structure, and politics, a backlash emerges.

While I and many others found ourselves working on balancing energies within and sharing them in our respected areas of expertise, we also felt as though we were preparing for something much greater. Some people call it feminine sacred rising, sacred feminine/sacred masculine, or the age of Aquarius and we are often called “lightworkers” or “way-showers”.¬† As we worked on ourselves and sorted through our karma, many via soul purifying and cleansing “twin flame relationships” to accelerate the process, we knew somewhere deep inside that it was for a reason – we would need to be strong for the day when we would be called to leadership.

The stars have always provided guidance. Star guidance and Astrology exist across all cultures and through time. Native Americans interested me as it brought together star wisdom, feminine leadership, and alternative planetary symbols – a language that can be used in a return or a reclaim (I’m not sure which it is) and honouring system of syncretism in astrology.

Astrology is an essential part of my toolkit for leadership, and in all the ways it is used in my work and on this site, it’s meant to be a tool for bringing us into a new time.

~ Ingrid Arboine

The Hopi Prophesies

Native American Zodiac

The Native American zodiac signs are wholly unique, and you’ll not find these totemic birth animals anywhere else but here.

When Token Rock invited me to offer Native American insights into astrological birth signs, I was invigorated by the idea. And although I’ve worked with my Native Compatriots for similar birth signs, I knew this would be an opportunity to provide a fresh perspective in this endless realm of wisdom.

Over the course of three days, I worked within a circle of energetic Algonquin liaisons who offered specific suggestions for animals within the range of birth dates. I laid out the traditional birth dates found in classic astrology as a foundation to work within, and the Elders filled in the rest (animals and personality traits inherent to each).

Animal Energies
The animal energies selected for each birth sign, I’m told, are native inhabitants of the Rocky Mountains and thus they inhabit regions of Canadian British Colombia, down through the western regions of North America.

It is the Algonquin stance that your birth date is the first drumbeat of a fantastic ceremonial dance of life. Furthermore, you make your way through life in step with your animal counterpart. The two of you dance a pattern that weaves your life experience. And although you will have more than just one animal alliance, these birth animals are always available to share wisdom and help you with your evolutional growth in this lifetime.

Without further ado, here are the Native American zodiac signs(with quick links, in hot pink, to descriptions) made possible via Avia Venefica and the Algonquin wisdom:

Avia Venefica and her insight into the world of Native American astrological birth signs. Read More

Bear: December 22nd – January 20th – You often find yourself in a position of tribal elder in your community because you represent a foundational cornerstone within the tribe. You might call it common sense, but those you dispense advice to see your wisdom earthshaking. In reality, you have a unique ability to see several steps ahead and know how to incorporate practical measures to bring about solid results to any endeavor. You recognize the value of hard work in order to obtain a goal. More importantly, you have a quality of patience that is remarkable. You can lay months in waiting and planning in order to see the fruits of your labor ripen. Part of your life lesson is to recognize that even though your ways are proven reliable, they are not always they right ways for everyone (particularly the tribal youths).

Wolf: January 21st – February 19th – You also have a gift of specialized wisdom and even the skill of prophecy. You are infinitely generous to those within your clan and can be incredibly protective over your assets. In fact, you tend to draw a clear line between those who belong to you (your pack) and outsiders. It can take months, even years for you to accept an outsider. But your sense of loyalty to the whole of your community is legendary. Your unique knowing and perspective leads you to contribute incredible insights, inventions and evolutionary ideas to the your community. Paradoxically, sometimes your ideas aren’t as warmly welcomed as you feel they should be due to misunderstandings. Part of your life lesson is to develop communication skills that convey your ideas more clearly with a goal for communal acceptance.

Grey Whale: February 20th – March 20th – You will likely find yourself living on the outskirts of the tribe – not because you do not wish for fellowship, but because living in isolation affords you the luxury of gathering your internal resources for the great spirit work you are called to do. This spirit works is usually in the form of healing. The members of your clan will seek you out as their tribal healer. Even those outside of your tribe will travel great distances to receive insight, cleansing and healing from you. There are many people who seek your wisdom, and this can put a great deal of strain on you. You give so much of yourself – but there often comes a point when you’ve had enough, and become reactive. Your life lessons revolve around keeping your individuality while serving the community. Also, you must learn to respect your unique needs for self-nurturing, relaxation and seclusion when you need it.

Hawk: March 21st – April 20th – You have expansive vision, and your ability to see beyond what common reality holds is extraordinary. You were born with laser-like focus and thus have an uncanny ability for holding onto higher vision. What’s more, you are absolutely fearless when it comes to pursuing your dreams/visions/goals. You love sinking your claws into a new quest, particularly when you are given full creative freedom. As a visionary with an intrepid streak in tackling new adventures – people look to you as a natural leader. Part of your life lesson is knowing when others are plucking your feathers for their selfish gain. Spreading your wings and shining more radiantly is the solution. In this way, you uplift through example.

Moose: April 21st – May 20th – You are a gentle giant among your tribe. Your heart has a massive capacity for love and provision, particularly concerning matters of home and family. You have tremendous influential powers and can sway opinions easily – if you choose – but you rarely over assert yourself upon others. You know your own power, but often elect to keep that power on reserve and in-check. This is double true in your elder years. Creature comforts, family, friends, sharing and tender moments of simplicity nurture your soul. All these heartwarming and endearing tendencies of yours vanish if you feel anything you value is threatened. If you perceive harm against your herd, you will strike with chilling vengeance. Part of your life lesson is to learn flexibility in your perception and to better discern which battles to pick and which to avoid.

Owl: May 21st – June 21st – Your tribal kin have a hard time following you, in spite of your phenomenal ability to intelligently communicate your thoughts to them. It has to do with a higher level of knowing which is your set-point. Consistently, you maintain high mental standards which often forces others around you to fly up to your level to understand where you’re coming from (something many people are unwilling or unable to do). To complicate matters, you have an active shadow self which throws your clansmen completely off guard. This means you can be unpredictable and thus often misunderstood (or worse, feared). Part of your life lesson is to utilize your ability to see people from all angles and have patience with those who have trouble keeping up with you in the skies you fly.

Sturgeon: June 22nd – July 22nd – You have an incredible lineage for intuitive knowing (typically passed from your mother), and the waves of your intuitive perception are best expressed through artistic manifestations. Poetry, art, music are all effective tools for you to convey the world you see. And your world is replete with themes dealing with the underachiever taking up the arduous journey of personal victory. This is why you are typically the storyteller of the tribe, because you reach deep within your emotional whirlpools to access incredible ancient knowing. Your conveyances enlighten those around you. Your lesson is to use your fluctuating moods and intensely sensitive/emotional nature work to your advantage as well as the advantage of the community.

Mountain Lion: July 23rd – August 22nd – As a mountain dweller, you are fueled by the realms of the sun, and easily attain high levels of success. Your tribal kin would call you lucky because they observe things always working out for your best interest. You would say you are extremely skilled, highly observant, and you know how to strategize or work the system to your best advantage. This is true. You have impeccable instinct (when you trust it) for knowing what will catapult you to higher realms of success. You also have a keen intellect that often manifests outwardly into a cutting bite as you may have a sharp tongue when speaking to others. Nevertheless, people look up to you upon your mountain and view you as the tribal hero/heroine. Part of your life lesson is to funnel your assertiveness as a means to guide and effectively lead without manipulating or crushing the vulnerable spirits of the souls placed in your charge.

Deer: August 23rd – September 23rd – You are extraordinarily attuned to your environment – having a ‘sixth sense’ about how things should be, and instantaneously knowing when something is ‘out of place.’ Fortunately, you are incredibly deft at putting things back into order. Where your clansman fumble to make sense of confusion – you nobly step into a chaotic scene, soothe anxieties and set things in order with aplomb. You also have a regal presence about you which intimidates some of your tribal members (in spite of your calming tendencies). They don’t know how to approach one such as you, with your classic gracefulness, refinement and high standards. The disparagement between classes often leaves you fleeing from mainstream society. Your lesson is to learn how to meet your clansmen on their level without stooping below your own.

Eagle: September 24th – October 22nd – You are the equalizer of your tribal community. You have an inherent ability to focus your awareness in two directions which gives you the gift of foresight and hindsight simultaneously. Your clansmen look to you to settle disputes and arguments because of your advanced skills at discernment. You also have an evolved sense of equality. This often comes from a time in your own life where you had to fight for your own rights and personal liberation. You love to see justice served and you live life with a specialized concept of balance. Your life lessons will typically revolve around themes of balance. In fact, you may manifest this balance in staggering ways by balancing unconventional with conventional having a ‘public’ life and a ‘secret’ life.

Beaver: October 23rd – November 22nd – You swim in rivers of vast potential and wonder where reality and dreams comingle with ease. When the outside world does not comply with your perception of what it should be – you simply construct worlds of your own unique design and live there quite contently. Tribal members will seek you to interpret their dreams because you are so familiar with the constructs of parallel worlds. You are also incredibly aware of others’ emotions and use this gift to discern deeper meaning in their lives. You’re a master at disguise and will change your surroundings to match your moods. Part of your life lesson is to be mindful other people in your reconstructive/transformative behaviors as the actions you take can sometimes cause emotional blockages for others.

Red Fox: November 23rd – December 21st – Red Fox

You incorporate a sense of play into the tribal community that is vital. Without your levity, and high energy your clansmen would be left deflated. You bolster those around you by encouraging laughter, teamwork and a sense of camaraderie. Your tribe looks to you for entertainment, but they rarely recognize your deeper self. When properly motivated, you have the ability to drive sharp intellect into the heart of grand philosophical concepts – piercing core issues with the gift of honed insight. But you can be fickle and flighty in your intellectual pursuits which often leads you back to playful tricks and antics. You are endearing and loveable, but to a point. Your lesson is to know your own limits and to recognize your potential through focus and self-grounding.