Balancing the Earths Nodes and the Coming New World – 22.02.2022

Balancing the Earth’s Nodes.

The balancing of the Nodes event consisted of a number of layers

  • Elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Ether)
  • Triplicities of physical, emotional, and spiritual
  • Letters of the Atlantian Alphabet, each with a meaning.
  • Each letter consisted of 32 people, who represented 32 nodes across the earth
  • 32 nodes (20 node points of the dodecahedron and 12 points of the icosahedron which together forms the flower of life) x 45 Atlantian letters = 1440 people who entered the pyramids to activate, receive information, and to open the portal to balance the nodes.

My group was P, part of the LPD triplicity

L – I am the word, creative vibration, verb (spiritual)

P – I am the will (emotional)

D – I am the entity (physical)

“I am the voice that awakens the wills of all entities”

The node I represented was Fernando de Noronha, an island and area in the Atlantic, which is part of Brazil.

On the night of Feb 21, 2022, the LPD group went into the pyramid at 1 am

As I came into the pyramid, Matias directed me to sit along the wall at the front. Most of my group were towards the back as we were the first group to go in. Some people who were claustrophobic were supposed to be at the front, so I am assuming they were the ones sitting beside me.

When Matias started I saw him move his hands as though opening a key. He asked us to leave ourselves behind and move into our node. We honoured our mother and father and who we were as people and then moved into the energy of our node.

The First channelling was of Melchizedek. I recognized this person from the Bible. I remembered that there was an order of Melchizedek.

At this time I started to channel. I was moving my hands and felt that my motions were helping to download code. My motions were geometric, but also there was disruptive energy. I felt like it was someone pretending. It seemed over the top and in competition. I wasn’t scared, but my hand motions seemed to be holding off the negative energy while downloading code. I was also speaking in a different language, which was surprising to me as it was very clear and distinct. I was not disruptive, but rather seemed to be supporting what Melchizedek was saying and sending messages and holding back the disruptive energy. This was my first channeling ever!

I will need to rely on others to say what Melchizedek said, as I was busy channeling, I don’t remember.

Gabriel was channeled next. I stopped channeling while Gabriel spoke. Gabriel was soft and gentle and very calming. What I heard from Gabriel is that we needed to be careful with our words. Our words are powerful and creative.

I believe he said that we are the I am – we are God – which I found a bit challenging because of my religious upbringing. The Bible calls God the I am – the alpha and the omega! So when Gabriel said that we are God, this felt a bit wrong, but it made sense in terms of us being creators.

I believe Melchizedek was back after this as I started to channel again.

The disruptive energy was making loud noises throughout. Matias said (and I’m not sure if this was channeled) to leave or be forever banished. It quieted down but started to pipe up again. Then Matias said “be quiet. You are not of the highest energy” and it quieted down again. It started to make noise again and Matias said “shush” and then had us sing softly and gently our LPD song.

To me, the entity felt less like a dark entity and more like ego and attention-seeking, though I am not sure that they are really different.

Preparation for entering the Pyramid

The amazing thing is that before I entered the temple (pyramid), I had an experience with the other two people who represented my node within our LPD group that had upset me. When I came together with the spirit and physical aspects of my node (Fernando de Noronha), I didn’t really like the person who was represented spirit. She was rigid and though she was doing all this meditation stuff, she kept saying she felt disconnected. After the first exercise and during the first activation with Matias, I got a message from my node that the sea life/wildlife felt disconnected from us humans. They knew everything else in the sea and in nature, but they felt removed from humans and wanted a relationship. Interestingly while researching my node I discovered that there were two shark attacks, one at the beginning of the year that resulted in an 8-year-old losing a limb. When I researched why sharks attack humans I discovered that it’s because they don’t recognize humans and usually it’s a mistake… they are curious or think it’s something else. So they bite, but then don’t continue with the attack. Maybe if there was more of a relationship, this wouldn’t happen.

The second day the same woman claimed the same thing. She felt disconnected. We did another exercise, this time we moved in a coordinated dance. The spiritual person told me I was doing it wrong. I barked back that I was not. She had not listened, but the instructor had explained that it didn’t matter what direction we went in. The interaction was extremely strained. The spirit woman closed her eyes it seemed so that she didn’t have to look at me. Also, the woman who represented physical had gotten a chill because it rained on the first day. This was considered to be a blessing in the desert… but for us, it was very uncomfortable because, for the most part, we were not prepared. Seeing that the girl was chilled, the spirit person went and got a mask for herself and asked the physical person to wear one as well. She said that she couldn’t afford to get sick. “let’s keep each other safe”. I judged her because I couldn’t figure out why someone in so much fear would even bother to travel. The woman represented the physical thought for a minute and then decided to wear the mask. Then the woman started to complain again about how she felt disconnected. I said, “okay, tell us what you know about the node”. She was flippant. “it’s Brazil, what more is there to know?”. So I said, “what do you know about the island”. She said, “what Island”. It was then that we realized that she didn’t do any work to connect with the node. She was however thankful that I brought it up, realizing that she was the one who was disconnected.

Later at the activation, Matias sang. As he spoke and sang, I started to cry. I was mad that this woman had not done the work and wondered how we were going to be able to balance the node. As I cried, I realized that I would need to take on more than my share. On a personal level, I would have dismissed her and moved on. But I realized that we needed all aspects of the node, physical, emotional, and spiritual in order to balance the node. I couldn’t dismiss or reject her.

I went back to my room to rest before going into the pyramid and shared what had happened with my roommate. “Ingrid, you need to love her”. I knew she was right… and it confirmed what I had also thought.

All of this having happened, I felt as though I got the message of the pyramid before even entering it, and then while there, I was able to play a role in downloading and holding space.

The next day everyone was a bit upset. There was a fear that we had not accomplished the task. There was no doubt that this experience was a bit troubling. I told my story of my nodes and then slowly it started to come together. The message was of directing our will towards love. We had to face the darkness, the shadows, the fear, the unconscious, the ego in order to decide. What was our will? We decided on love. Nobody went into fear, everyone decided to drown out the shadow with our soft voice. The fear that we had not accomplished our task started to dissipate.

We all shared our experiences. I shared that I channeled. Another person felt like an Alien. Another felt like an Indian. Then someone said it sounded like the picture Matias had drawn of this event when he was 13 years old. Someone found it and we all looked at it. Although we were inside the pyramid, I kept referring to it as a temple. The picture was in a temple, with pillars, and I saw myself in the background as a guardian of the temple.

Later we went back and met with our nodes again. This time the spiritual one was wearing a gizmo around her neck. I asked her what it was and she shared that it was a portable ionizer and air purifier. I almost went into judgment again, but instead shifted to acknowledge her courage in making the trip and being open to facing her fear with whatever was available to get her through it. I faced her lovingly and with teasing humour.

In the end, some of our group did end up getting Covid. I’m not sure if the spirit person did. I did not. Perhaps this was a warning to be careful with our words and intentions…we are creators!

We left that exercise and joined with all of the emotional nodes across all of the letters. When we got together, we decided to go around and say our letter and what it represented. Then we were asked to choose someone to go into the center of the circle to be the antenna. We didn’t get a chance to choose someone as there was a person who decided it should be her. Her letter meant death. She only spoke Spanish. At first, some people were annoyed as she was very aggressive and not interested in what anyone else wanted, but then I just said “it’s all perfect” and everyone decided to go with it. As we moved around this person we sent them everything that we had learned about our nodes. We had someone who was from Brazil in the group who told us that women are not allowed to give birth to children there as Noronha didn’t want any more people to claim they are from Noronha. I sent the rules, and the prison built on Noronha and the limits on the number of people and the disconnection with the wildlife, all things I had learned about the island… though meant to protect it, the rules had created disconnection and a disharmonious relationship with the land, people and wildlife.

The next exercise was to join with everyone – 1440 people to form a circle. With such a large group, this was challenging. The woman whose letter meant death held my hand, but then yelled at me in Spanish to do something. I didn’t understand and also I found her bossy, so I didn’t listen or care. She dramatically dropped my hand and pushed someone else to hold my hand. I found it so interesting and thought it symbolic that death dropped the hand of the will. It was as if to say, death had no hold over the will anymore.

We eventually formed a circle and then moved into a large coil representing the helix and chanted ho het hum as we did it. This was all done in front of the pyramid and at one point a holographic pyramid appeared over the pyramid and everyone looked up in amazement.

The final activation happened in front of the sphinx on Feb 22.02.2022. Because modern-day Egypt is Islamic and forbids mediation or anything that looks not Islamic at the pyramids, the entire event was framed as a concert. There was a famous Argentinian singer who sang for us in front of the sphinx. But then we moved into activation – we sang all parts of the song through the Atlantian alphabet. It should be noted that only a couple of groups had a dark and difficult experience in the pyramids. The group before us and the group after us. Likely because of what our letters represented. Most other groups had a wonderful and positive experience. As we sang the songs and we got to the LPD section of the alphabet, things started to get dark again. I looked around and saw that people were meditating and holding their hands up in a worship-type way. We were told in advance not to do that as it would attract negative attention and we could be asked to stop by the touristic police. It happened. The lights shining on the pyramids turned off and I knew something was wrong. Suddenly there were some people jumping up and down getting us to be energetic and picking up the pace of the music. I learned after that this was their way of getting the visibly spiritual looking (mediators and hand’s up worshippers) to stop. The police had asked the band to stop and the organizer had approached Matias and asked him to stop. But he was calm and moved his hands with a gesture. The Egyptian organizer apparently went and took care of it. The dark energy moved and things started to be positive again. Matias got to the end of the song and said “the portal is now open”. The concert ended and we went back to the hotel.

Touching the sphinx

We were to wake up at 3:30 am to go back to the sphinx for sunrise. I still felt the dark energy. We wondered if the police would stop us from going to the Sphinx after our shenanigans the night before. Finally, we were on our way. We got close to the Sphinx, were able to touch it, but only for a couple of minutes. As soon as the sun rose, we were told to stop touching and were hurried out. It felt like we had been graced with just a couple of minutes, but it was enough.

During this time Matias shared that this was the mirror time to the age of Leo. The sun was rising in Aquarius directly in front of the sphinx. 12 thousand years ago, the sun rose in Leo and it was said that the head of the sphinx at that time was a Lion. As we entered the age of Aquarius we would have access again to the information contained in the sphinx, held in safekeeping for this time when we opened the portal. The information he said, was not on pages or in books, but contained in water. As the sun rose the water bearer, the symbol of Aquarius, poured out water, and at the bottom of the water was Jupiter representing the large amounts of water (information) that was being poured out.

Aquarius rising

We left, but I had planned a tour of the Osiris shaft, so didn’t go back with the others to the hotel. I went instead to Mena house where the water aspect of our group was staying. I was glad to sit down for breakfast with the water element of our group. The water element had started the journey several days before my group, which was fire. They traveled the Nile, the spine, and gathered information from each temple along the way. I realized that hadn’t received that information. So as I sat with the woman from the water element, she told me the experience of the temples. She shared that the most difficult temple was the temple of light and dark. I shared my experience of my nodes and she knew immediately that the issue was with Spirit. “why do you feel the spirit is the issue”. She said that spirit had the most work to do and in our world, to be spiritual we reject anything dark. But we needed the light and dark to create unity, and most of all we needed to balance them. In our, group Spirit was the word… and the message was to be careful with our words.

“I am the voice that awakens the wills of all entities”

I then left to go on the tour. At one point I lost the group and completely missed the tour. It worked out because it seem that my work with the nodes and the activation was not complete. I met some women who had also been left behind from the tour. We decided to go and get some food and found a rooftop restaurant with a view of the pyramids. These women were there with a different group but were also using the 22.02.2022 date portal. They helped to balance me as I was really off-kilter from the mornings’ events. As they were about to leave I saw another person from my group on the rooftop having coffee. I said goodbye to the woman and decided to join him. He shared with me that his partner had gone to the front of the sphinx at the morning’s events and there she met two other women. The three of them were invited into the sphinx, but one of them said she dared not go and left. I wondered if this person who left represented spirit. The other two went into the sphinx and in there they experienced jars of water pouring over them in large amounts. Apparently, the water just kept pouring. I shared with him the symbol of Aquarius, which is a woman, some say an angel, pouring water from a jar. The jar is said to contain the spirit.

All in all, It was clear that some had copped out on the exercise. I have to admit, that I was surprised at the level of darkness and unconsciousness in the whole experience. I had expected a highly evolved, spiritually ascended, highly enlightened group. But I realized that what happened reflected the truth of our world and the issues presented in the balancing of the nodes of our world. I realized that the dark and shadowy parts showed up to be loved and incorporated. That the process was messy, but that this is what healing was all about. I realized that some of us needed to take on more than our share to make the balancing happen. That some were at the beginning of their spiritual journey, and that didn’t preclude them from being an important part of balancing the nodes.

It was all perfect!

I left there and went back to my hotel. At the hotel, I met up with some more people from my group. They were in the restaurant having some food, hanging out, and chatting. One of them I hadn’t had the chance to connect with during the event. He asked me about my experience in the pyramid and as I shared, we both realized that we had the role of grounding, holding space, and connecting information for the rest of the group. He was also a temple pillar. As we chatted we realized that the information would continue to pour out in the coming days. I shared that I was hoping the information would help us to build a new world. What Matias called Ontocracy. I shared that I had known that something like that was coming and the structure of my business and website was designed for it… and so a new world is on its way! We have entered the age of Aquarius!

More on Ontracracy soon!

PS here are the other letters and their meanings. As their stories are share with me, I will share them here with you.

A: I am the Spirit

Æ: I am Consciousness

E: I am the Truth

I: I am the Axis

Ï: I am the Self

Y: I am the creator

O: I am the Fruit

U: I am the Path

Ü: I am the Teaching

M: I am the Portal

N: I am the Giver

NH: I am the Gift

Ñ: I am the intention

Y: I am the perspective

LL: I am the Ascension

L: I am the Word

LH: I am Love

G: I am the Vision

W: I am the Origin

X: I am Vitality

RH: I am the dream

H: I am the history

PH: I am the Heartbeat

F: I am the Flow

V: I am the Transmutation

BH: I am the Legacy

B: I am Home

P: I am the Will

PB: I am Nurishment

R: I am the Thought

RR: I am the Force

TZ: I am the energy

Z: I am the Action

S: I am the Network

SS: I am the challenge

SH: I am the Evolution

CH: I am the change

TH: I am the sky

DH: I am the Essence

D: I am the Unity

T: I am reality

KH: I am the Design

K: I am the Manifested

KK: I am the Connection

Q: I am the Depth.