6 Hacks to Save our Future

The future has a number of threats that sometimes has us paralyzed – thinking we have no control and no impact.

We have an incredible amount of power. These are just some solutions and how astrology can help!

Climate Change

No-Till Gardening – Recycling helps. Blocking out the sun seems nutty… but no-till gardening keeps carbon in the ground and prevents greenhouse gasses! Plant a garden or grow local!

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Don’t understand No-Till Gardening? Watch Kiss the Ground

Job loss to Robots or Artificial Intelligence (A.I)

Robots and A.I will replace service jobs, from service in hotels to self-driving delivery to doctors, lawyers, and HR specialists – A.I. can do it all… so where does that leave you? We need to rethink work, but in the meantime why not invest in A.I stock? Are they a good company? Check their IPO business astrology chart.

We look at IPO’s in Astromoney!

Universal Basic Income

It’s a good idea. But does it come with conditions? Does it mean giving up civil liberties? It’s hard to fight for these things if you don’t have power. Why not pay off debt, invest, and let it be a choice?

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The stress of exponential change due to A.I and technological change

Academics say we will need to reinvent ourselves to beat A.I. and stay relevant. Wow, that’s a lot of stress. The best ammo for dealing with constant change is emotional intelligence. That starts with self-knowledge

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Don’t understand the problem? Watch this talk with Yuval Noah Harari

Threat of Technocracy

Tech companies are creating Digital I.D. and harnessing Facial Recognition and creating other technological advances. In so doing we are losing more and more of our privacy. They say they have the answers to health, society, and issues with government and governing. But where are the checks and balances? Who holds big tech ethically accountable? And are civil liberties are risk? What is called for is true leadership. Leadership starts with knowing yourself, your strengths and shortcomings, and your values.

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Don’t understand the problem? Watch Adux Huxley on Enemies of Freedom  or Shoshana Zuboff on surveillance capitalism or the tiff documentary The New Corporation

The 1% getting richer

The wealth divide is growing. But do the wealthy have our best interest at heart? Shop local. Support Small businesses. Bite the bullet and pay more to help wealth stay decentralized.

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